Handsome Men’s Club

Hat tip: the Kuozzle


8 responses to “Handsome Men’s Club

  1. Also note the House episode this week on the talk of male handsomeness.

  2. Ooh! I have to wait for it to air on Hulu, but once it does I’m all over that.

  3. that was fantastic.

    I was just waiting for Matt Damon to show up.

  4. still love the matt (with or without sarah silverman) v. jimmy and ben rivalry.

    my question is, where was Lank Thompson and his handsome men crew (including a young alec baldwin)?

  5. I just love Matt.

  6. Young or old Alec Baldwin and I’m there!

  7. i wish i could find the vid. this will have to do (it’s the second part of the three part series, the first of which was called “I’m a Handsome Man.”)


  8. this was even funnier than i expected.

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