Coming Attractions

In anticipation of our rendezvous, I’m trying to stagger and time my Netflix queue so that we can watch some movies together after the kids have gone to sleep.  Heading this way today are The Mighty Boosh: Season 1: Disc 1 and Good Hair.  If you are not interested in either of those, I’ll be sure to watch and return it/them so that the next in line can arrive before we leave: I’m Alan Partridge: Series 1 and Julie & JuliaThen again, I’m not sure if we’ll even have time to watch any of those considering the fact that I’m bring my box set of Still Game in the hopes that the DVD player there reads PAL.  If it doesn’t, Navid’s gonna be fair narkit and dour.


4 responses to “Coming Attractions

  1. I have seen Good Hair. I do want to see: all of Still Game, even if I can’t understand it when I’m outside of Scotland; Julie & Julia; I’m Alan Partridge; and possibly The Mighty Boosh. Why did you watch In the Loop without me, you bastage? Why do you do anything without me?

  2. Oh it was so good and I totally wanted to stop watching and wait until you were there to share in the glory of the furious scots but tp was enjoying it so much and you know what a rare and magical thing that is so on it stayed.

  3. TP was enjoying it?!! I claim full responsibility for this. Tell him that’s my present to him for this upcoming visit.

  4. not only that, but he is going to recommend it to his friend sars. i KNOW! stunning!

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