Gift Cert


4 responses to “Gift Cert

  1. You should totally buy the death star mosquito gun. Then when you get bored with it, you can give it to me and I’ll regift to my rage-filled, mosquito-magnet husband for his birthday.
    But I guess the Nextflix player would be more practical. (Although I’d recommend a new TiVo, which would allow you to do the same thing–plus, you know, you’d have TiVo!)

  2. I will never tire of the death ray until such time as I retire to a skeeter-free locale. And i’d love the TiVo except for the whole twice the price of the roku AND a requirement of $13/mo service charge. My antiquated and free VCR works quite nicely …

  3. Yeah, works so nicely that you miss whole opening segments of Lost…

  4. *cue dionne warwick’s tune ‘that’s what friends are for’*

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