Señor Pulpo v. Baji: ¡FIGHT!

I concede defeat.  Señor Pulpo FTW.  Especially when he wears slacks.

Kansas City Octopus
is wearing fancy slacks.
just got ’em,
fifty bucks including tax.

Red corduroy
and boy-oh-boy,
they fit like apple pie.
Multi-pocket snazzy trousers
custom made for octipi.

Fantastic plastic stretch elastic
keeps ’em nice and tight.
Kansas City Octopus
is looking good tonight.

By Calef Brown and his hoards of octopodes


2 responses to “Señor Pulpo v. Baji: ¡FIGHT!

  1. i really dig the *I concede defeat* part lots for some reason.

  2. perhaps b/c that’s a phrase that you will never hear directed toward you?

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