Strolling Arms-in-Arm with Señor Pulpo, or: A Jewelry Post for Lil Baji

I have had an image in my mind of a bracelet I want for some time now. Having an image in your mind of a piece of jewelry you want is always a bad idea unless you actually are a jewelry designer or, you know, not lazy. I am neither, and even more not not lazy than I am not a jewelry designer. The description of the bracelet I want goes like this: large silver gnarled twisty jumbled-up cuff with possible branchlike elements. And lo! I’ve found it!

Well it’s gold and an octopus, but still. Tentacles are twisty after all, and gold is an element like silver and it is large and a cuff and Señor Pulpo approves.

Even more favorite than the octobrace is the Winged Migration by Erica Weiner I bought a few months ago.

Next I’m going to pick up the Scissors necklace, though I haven’t decided yet between silver and gold (wish it came in brass like the Winged Migration):

And I’m thinking that this one would be perfect for Stephen Colbert.

If you should find yourself short on cash, you can always make yourself a twisty-ish bracelet using some novelty paper clips, like these cow clips, generously provided by the Kuozzle on the occasion of Gojira’s national birthday. I think the penguins and the hippos would also work nicely.

Note: These will snag on all your sweaters.


5 responses to “Strolling Arms-in-Arm with Señor Pulpo, or: A Jewelry Post for Lil Baji

  1. hurray for finding your dream bracelet!!! now where are the pics of the new coat?

  2. hold your ponies, lady! i don’t have a tripod so i can’t get a decent shot. but i’m going to try again this weekend.

  3. i high approve of gnarled twisty jumbled up jewelry but that scissor necklace scares me. reminds me of ‘dead again‘ which was a fantastic movie but gave me nightmares for a while.

  4. Dead Again is an awesome movie. You should see the switchblade necklace… Scary. And that’s the necklace that matches my bracelet; they have it on Modcloth too (where I got the bracelet). The Etsy seller must be the person who supplies Modcloth.

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