Gift Guide: The Reckoning

The first annual Bajira! Gift Guide was the most successful Gift Guide in the history of Bajira! The following items were acquired:

iPod iTouch (two): When I use mine, I feel like I am in an unrealistic but well-executed science-fiction film. Now Baji and I can spend all day talking about apps like the cool kids.

Immersion blender and its concomitant butternut squash soups

Funky glasses: Smaller than advertised, but also lighter, and as funky as anticipated.

New insurance, a gift from me to me: Though not government insurance, it is $100 cheaper than previous non-government insurance, so now it only costs $200 more than acceptable to have subpar insurance. Thank you, America! You really shouldn’t have.

A new coat, also a gift from me to me, one that is disapproved of by two generations of Gojiras (mother and grandmother’s Zagat guide to my coat: This coat is “too short,” a “bad” color and is “weird”). Must be good!

This Common Secret: My Journey as an Abortion Doctor: A great read and an illuminating one. With the recent murder of George Tiller (shot in the head inside his church), more important to read than ever.

In addition to her iTouch, Baji scored robot cups, a heater for her office and a digital camera. Baji may have also gotten something else on her list, but she won’t know for a bit.


6 responses to “Gift Guide: The Reckoning

  1. nice work! i wanna see the coat! pic please?

  2. working on it… pix keep coming out blurry. stay tuned…

  3. congrats on the health care! and i, too, want to see a pix of this hideous coat of yours.

  4. also, my GOD i love my ipod touch. the kindle app allows me to read in the dark while i’m waiting for ap to drift off to sleep (almost done with sherlock holmes!). the weather channel app allows me to see just how many inches of snow are going to pummel us (10 to 20 inches to add to the already existing 20 inches!) as well as how much sunshine we can expect when we make it to florida (a lot). the sudoku app, podcasts, and virtual piano app allowed and will allow all of us to be entertained while traveling. and the giddy thrill i get knowing i have the whole internets in my back pocket is priceless.

  5. look at baji, all hopped up on apps and goofballs.

  6. i need an app that shovels snow. they got an app for that?

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