Spanish Tortillas to Ward Off Snowmageddon’s Chill

It was a dark and stormy night.  Seriously, the shelf of cumulonimbus clouds the other night completely obliterated all sky light and the winter storm dumped about a foot and a half of snow on us.  What better way to spend the evening than curled up under a blanket and catching up on some reading (well, there are better ways but they are NSFW)?  I finally got to finish Forking Fantastic which was very amusing, informative, and inspiring.  Galvanized by the mortal woundings and the intricate recipes, and having stocked up on basic supplies to prepare ourselves for the snowtastrophe of 2010 [pix hyah], I decided to make some Spanish Tortillas.  I thought I’d follow the recipe in the book but didn’t want to crease the spine so I tucked it safely away between Madhur and the Joy of.

Safe and sound as a pound ... of butter!

With only a microscopic amount of good saffron, I decided to stick with  our own tried and true recipe.

Crack some eggs. Fry some onions.  Boil some taters.  Throw in some salt (preferably not the salt you are using to combat the snow that is accumulating at an alarming rate).  Let it all cool down before putting it all together and heating it back up again.  Out of the frying pan on the stove and into the frying pan in the oven (make sure your pan is oven safe else you’ll have to engage in some tricky acrobatics to flip the tortilla and cook the other side in the same pan).  Sit near the window, laugh at the poor saps trying to dig out of their front yards, and savor the dish in the cozy warmth of the great indoors.


3 responses to “Spanish Tortillas to Ward Off Snowmageddon’s Chill

  1. too late

    we’ll have a reprise in florida but, you know, without all the snow.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, and the honored placement between two of my favorite cookbooks!

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