128-Word Recommendation: Venice, Florida

Despite potentially conceding anything in the on-going East Coast/West Coast rivalry, one must admit that spending late February and early March on Florida’s Gulf Coast (where the average temperature is in the mid-70s) is preferable over the same in New York (in the 40s at best).  If the weather is not enough of a draw, may I suggest the following activities?

good eats at the crab and fin


4 responses to “128-Word Recommendation: Venice, Florida

  1. Sold! One vintage Gojira to the young lady with the new haircut. You may claim your prize at the Sarasota airport in one month’s time.

  2. i’ll meet you over by the baggage claim even though i know you’ll only be carrying your backpack.

  3. I love the Ringling House! It’s so perfectly period, and they even still have the clothes in the closet. One of my favorite museums. (And the Rubens tapestry cartoons in the museum are amazing, when you consider that they weren’t even intended to be the finished product.)

  4. cool! i’ll have to keep an eye out for those, thx!

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