That’s for me to know and you to find out

Overheard on flight from DC to Sarasota, Florida:

Passenger 1 to flight attendant (excitedly): “Excuse me, is that Jacksonville we are flying over right now?”

Flight attendant (snootily): Under TSA regulations, I’m not permitted to tell you.

Passenger 2 sitting in the next aisle (smirkily): “Yes.  That’s Jacksonville.”


9 responses to “That’s for me to know and you to find out

  1. Lol
    Didn’t know that TSA regulation, they intend not to identify targets?

  2. it sounds like they are still hashing out the details:

    but i haven’t seen much in the way of consistency when it comes to ANY flight rules and regs. last time i flew with my 9 month old daughter, i was hassled for a birth certificate to show that she was under 2. this time, certificate in hand, i got the boarding passes without anyone even LOOKING at her let alone requesting documentation. ah me.

  3. from that link: “Crew are not permitted to discuss specific locations, but otherwise the IFEC community can breath a sigh of relief…for now. ”

    guess we just had a very informed and overzealous crew.

  4. Um, why would anyone be “excited” about flying over Jacksonville?

  5. i don’t know but that woman was pretty excited about a lot of things. maybe it was her second time flying…

  6. Were you the smirky Passenger 2?

    Also, does that mean they’re not going to show us those maps tracking the flight anymore? I love those!

  7. They had the map on my Virgin America flight last weekend, but it wouldn’t zoom in very close.

  8. @gojira,

    yes, they are going to take away those maps, at least in the last hour of the flight. (see last sentence of second paragraph of this article)

    it won’t stop any terrorist attacks, but it will make flying more miserable. unless they’re trying to make flying suck so badly that even terrorists will start to avoid flying if they can help it.

  9. Yes, we’re quickly approaching the point where flying AirTran with a young child will definitely qualify you for martyrdom, or at the very least short-list you for sainthood.

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