Monday Morning Comedy Jam, Part Deux: Kids in the Hall

As a sorbet to cleanse the palette of this morning’s comedy-horror jam and in recognition of our loyal Canadian fan base, we present you with this:

Here’s hoping that their new series, Death Comes to Town, will air in the States.  Aw, heck, they are so good, yah?  How about another one, eh?


5 responses to “Monday Morning Comedy Jam, Part Deux: Kids in the Hall

  1. That top one definitely falls under the comedy-horror genre.

  2. Somehow the sight of someone limping away after gnawing his own leg off to escape a rusty bear trap is not as disturbing to me as the sight of those unnaturally thin women hobbling around on those nightmarish shoes.

  3. i can’t wait for horror wednesdays. meanwhile, another treat from KITH, masters of comedy-horror:

  4. i dint know you liked the kids…

    they are the awesome!

    or were at least. i need to tune into the new show – but i’m not expecting much. i think much of their zing left when a good chunk decided to leave canayda.


  5. KITH was what attracted me to comedy central in the first place and what helped me get through law school. agreed that their later stuff (especially the movies) are not as good/edgy/funny as the earlier stuffS.

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