Shiver me timbers

Yeah, yeah, you get your snooty news from the beeb, but I get mine from low-rider Entertainment Weekly.  The latest news is that there is a Lost promo showdown (a promodo?) between a Spanish network and the good ol’ USA!  USA!  USA!

The first contestant combines a montage of the past and present (or flashback or alternate reality or who the crack knows) characters to the tune of “Amazing Grace.”  Whether that song is performed by Willie Nelson (as it is here) or by Mel Gibson (as it is here … with help), the words and the history behind it give me chills.  Bonus points for the shivers caused by the not at all ironic one-two punch of the hope of salvation and the line “I once was LOST …”

The second contestant features Radiohead’s “Everything in its Right Place,” a song I adored back in the day and was pleased to have brought back to earworm status today.  The heavy-breathing, deep-voiced Spaniard went a little over the top with the chessboard theme and made up footage but, then again, don’t we love overthetoppedness?  The answer is “sometimes.”  Not sure if this is one of those times.

The island goes to ABC.

Hat tip: EW

6 responses to “Shiver me timbers

  1. Whoa, how crazy is Reba’s hair in that Mel Gibson clip? Also the song looks like it’s being performed at AR-HAA, the Annual Ranch Hands and Accountants Association meeting.

    The Spanish promo is terrrrible y lleno de queso. (Initially I thought you wrote that they went over the top on the “cheeseboard” theme.)

  2. Did you see the lavish praise heaped upon the Spanish version in the EW’s comments? I kept thinking to myself “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!”

  3. Yeah, right now 89% have voted for the Spanish version! This is clearly a conspiracy by the latte-sipping media elite.

  4. //The second contestant features Radiohead’s “Everything in its Right Place,” a song I adored back in the day and was pleased to have brought back to earworm status today.//

    it’s still the good.

  5. so which version did you prefer?

    also, i remember trying to get my father to listen to radiohead:

    In an attempt to broaden Dad’s musical appreciation while he was a captive audience (painting, putting new panels on the kitchen ceiling, and replacing some fixtures . . . I’m certainly perfecting my handy-woman persona), I played him some Radiohead. His only comment: “What is this guy crying about?”

  6. //so which version did you prefer?//

    with or without radiohead – i kindev liked the 2nd version. it had this choppy editing and bleached film that seemed to work for me.

    as an aside – i think it’s being *packaged* differently in other markets. the promo, to me, seems out of step with what the show has been like – to me.

    //“What is this guy crying about?”//

    fake plastic trees maybe?


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