Charlotte Gainsbourg Makes Better Use of Her Time

Hat tip: New York mag’s invaluable approval matrix


5 responses to “Charlotte Gainsbourg Makes Better Use of Her Time

  1. finally got to see this (it’s hard to enjoy on mute and on the tiny screen on the ipop). beck looks old. like an old version of michael cera. who is trying to break out of his nice-boy image, it appears. ‘fight-club’ meets ‘almost any teen romcom ever made’

  2. He does look old! I blame Scientology. And Gynecology. (For real. Beck’s mom delivered his now wife and her twin brother, Giovanni Ribisi, who are, like Beck, second-generation Scientologists.)

    But Charlotte looks good and I love the song.

  3. but what is your take on Chemicology?

    i just found out that charlotte is french (so that explains part of your interest in her) but also starred in mantichrist (so that explains the other part of your interest).

    but i agree, the song is good. kinda catpowery/feisty. not ‘feisty’ in the ‘typepad spell check acceptable way‘ but in the totally ‘that is not a word which is why we love it’ way.

  4. that must have been a fun video to be in.
    now i want a cheerio bath. i think i might’ve always, i just didn’t know it before

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