I would be more favorably inclined toward "Antichrist" if it were called "Mantichrist" and featured a fearsome part-lion, part-scorpion, part-Dafoe creature. Ditto Christianity. Manticore from Dafoe from Ma and Pa Dafoe.

I’m totally grossed out by the existence of the movie Antichrist. I definitely don’t want to see it and I don’t even want to read about it, yet I keep on doing so, and now, to add insult to inanity, I’m writing about it. Gah! But if I were going to read about it some more (which I have and will), I would read this review for its delightful description of Lars von Trier as a “perpetual misanthropic teen” and for its well-placed Simpsons references, which I know Baji will appreciate and which are not excerpted below.

Jason had told me that the violence “wasn’t that bad.” By which I guess he meant, “it is worse than anything else you’ve ever seen in your life or, indeed, can even imagine seeing.” […] [T]he violence in “Antichrist” isn’t that bad, if your favourite movie is “Ilsa She-Torturer of Auschwitz” and you are also a devoted fan of “Mouth-Foaming Baby-Raping Cannibal Maniacs Part Four.” Otherwise, it is fucking unbelievably horrific.

Anyway, in case you were for some reason not aware that you should not see this movie (or read about it), then I believe that bringing it to your attention (and having you read about it) should convince you.


7 responses to “Mantichrist!

  1. i know several people who have seen it, i don’t know a single one who didn’t think it was a terrible experience.

    one or two tried to convince me that i should see it because it’s a film person’s kind of movie (in that it is the one that everyone talks about how brilliant and/or awful it is) and it feels like an accomplishment to just sit through it. but why go to something that is so thoroughly unpleasant? i don’t go to the movies to brag about it later at parties.

  2. It’s too bad the kinds of people who watch the Saw movies are generally not the same kinds of people who watch Lars von Trier movies. With the right marketing strategy, he could have had a blockbuster on his hands.

    Actually, I’d be interested to know what someone who enjoys the Saw movies thinks of Antichrist.

  3. i had actually never heard/read about/seen anything about this movie. i’d thank you for corroding my soul by making me read that review (damn your simpsons lure!) but you’ve already taken it via your ‘you’re welcome’ tag.

    i like my dafoe nemo-ized.

  4. i suggest you go no further in investigating the film. it’s generated a tremendous amount of buzz, mostly because it’s from a screwed up art house director who seems to have finally managed to top “dogville” on the misogyny scale, with a good dose of torture-porn on top just for good measure.

  5. some alternatives (warning: some simulated bad acting and violence; recommended for appropriate audiences).

  6. much better — despite the false advertising re: time.


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