Monday Morning Comedy Jam: John Mulaney


7 responses to “Monday Morning Comedy Jam: John Mulaney

  1. i can attest to the over the shoulder looks. and in my case it is intensified because i’m a brown male with stubble! oh noes!

    usually she will speed up slightly, but due to my god gifted somewhat fast walking ability, i speed up and catch up and get ahead, way ahead. where i am no longer a threat. but i’m sure that moment between the time i start speeding and the time i get ahead is possibly nerve-wrecking for the over the shoulder looker.

  2. the only over the shoulder look i throw is when someone yanks my hair from behind whilst getting up/down from their theater seat or kicks my seat in the airplane or pretty much agitates me in any way while i’m seated.

    two dudes were following me IN A CAR one day, calling out to me and trying to get my attention. i ignored them as much as i could but i couldn’t speed up faster than them and whenever i slowed down, they did too. so i just spun around and reversed course until they paused, got confused, and drove away. SKILLZ!

  3. I think the Ad Council needs to sponsor a series of PSAs for men:

    “It’s 10 p.m. Do you know you’re acting like a rapist?”

    Even the non-degenerate variety of men, the ones with all their teeth, never seem to realize that when they hit on a woman at night in a certain way (sidling up, repeatedly asking where she lives, FOLLOWING her, or especially, as Baji pointed out, the lovely car vs. foot chase), they seem like potential rapists.

    My most successful tactic is to stop short, stand still and stare straight ahead into space until they become confused and leave.

  4. gojira, can you imagine the stupification we would cause if we were together and, in unison, stopped and stared at nothing until the badgerers left us alone? *daydreams*

    also this is to what i was referring:

  5. Well, when we’re together we’re too wrapped up in our own Scottish-tinged world to notice any catcalls, so that offers instant protection.

  6. embedding disabled?!?!?!

  7. I know, you have to click TWICE! The humanity! But yeah, it is annoying. Do you know a way around it? The other clips I found of the same material had terrible sound quality so I opted for the lesser of two evils.

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