News from the Farthest of the Three Easts

“Far East” came into use in European geopolitical discourse in the 19th century, denoting Eastern Asia as the “farthest” of the three “easts”, beyond the Near East and the Middle East.”

MAN, I loves me some Wikipedia.  Speaking of Wikipedia and the Far East, the first morsel to chew on is worthy of entry in the annals of where a menu from a Chinese and Japanese restaurant in Massachusetts invites you to try Item C14, “Beef Brisket in Wikipedia Flavor.”  Could be tasty as long as they limit the preparation to the chef and don’t allow the dishwashers, janitors, or your fellow diners to edit it.

Next up, we veer over to South Korea where a 68-year-old grandmother passes her driving test after 950 tries.  It only took more than four years and more than four thousand dollars, but she did it!  Let’s all celebrate by getting the hell off the roads before she passes the actual driving test.  Perhaps we should all take up bicycling instead.  Which is a nice segue to the final report. . .

Japan! Where, as usual, a solution for a problem (in this case, illegal bike parking) involves amazing technology, precision, efficiency and speed: a bike tree.  Yes, we have one in DC, but it only holds a meager 133 bikes and is basically just a garage with none of the flair of automation of the Japanese version which can house between 600 to 6000 bikes and involves robotics.  ROBOTS!  FOR YOUR BIKE! Want to learn more?  Watch this Japanese Bridget Jones explain how it works.   And after that, get on your bikes and RIDE!


3 responses to “News from the Farthest of the Three Easts

  1. The Japanese are the best. Every other country is the worst.

    They also invented this.

  2. automatic hand-washers-cum-air-fresheners AND cute noise-cover-uppers? is there any toilet-related gadget these fine folks haven’t come up with yet?

    alas, it was only a matter of time. if it makes you feel any better, this will free him up to concentrate on other stuff like ‘dr. horrible part 2’!

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