Looking for something to keep your preschooler from using your toddler’s spine as a spring board? Run out of threats, vocal chords, duct tape and manacles? Try this handy dandy “art” project!  It’s edudelicious!  And the money you save on not having to buy your toddler a back brace in the future is nice too.



4 responses to “Alphapretz

  1. It’s actually very pretty. You should sell it on Etsy. Perhaps we should combine our creative forces and make pretzobibliogenealogies?

  2. not a bad idea. but the fact that such a project would take somewhere in the neighborhood of a bajillion man/kidhours, we’d have to charge $6000 per pretzobibliogenealogy which might be cost-prohibitive and waistline-prohibitive.

  3. Very interesting! I used to work for an andertising agency in Pennsylvania, and in 1973 a man came to us to try to launch “AlphaPretz” : Pretzels in the form of the letters of the alphabet, for a totally kinesthetic experience for children learning letters. We thought it was a great idea but never knew what happened. Perhaps this has come from the same individual, whose name I don’t recall.

  4. jock – how intriguing! however, i was neither a man nor an adult old enough to pitch a new idea in the early 70s. these alphapretz were painstakingly nibbled into existence by me and my three-year old son. if, however, pre-made alphapretz were on the market today, i’d totally buy them.

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