Conversations With My Exterminator [Baji Edition]

“That picture at the top of the stairs is nice.  Where is it?”

“Oh, that’s the Amalfi Coast.  Zain, leave her alone.  It’s near Naples in Italy.  I mean it; stop it now.”

“I’ve always wanted to travel to Italy.”

“Italy is wonderful: the food, the architecture, the weather.  Of course she bit you.  I told you to leave her alone and you didn’t listen.  Let me see it.  It’s okay.  Now leave her alone.  The roads to this part of the country are treacherous and you have to have a strong stomach because the route is so windy.  But once you get there, the views are incredible.  That’s it.  Time out.”


3 responses to “Conversations With My Exterminator [Baji Edition]

  1. ZP bit your exterminator?

    Also, did you hear that Joss will direct an episode of Glee?

  2. he did.

    i did.

    have you gotten to the musical episode of buffy yet? you are not allowed to watch the glee ep until you do.

  3. No, I only made it through one episode of Season 3 before the cruel Hulu overlords yanked it. So I’ve gotta get Season 3 on Netflix.

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