It (and they) has (and have) arrived!

I got my copy of Forking Fantastic in the mail today!  Running through the contents, I could see something that would appeal to everyone I know.  “Fall Means Ham” just screams Gojira.  TP will compare and contrast the “Spanish Tortilla With Saffron” recipe with his own (I can already see him nodding agreeably with the directions on use of “glugs” of olive oil).  Myself?  I’m drawn to the “Learn From Our Mistakes” interstitials.  Also, I am thrilled to make the acquaintance of the word croquembouche and look forward to reading the Extra Credit chapter but seriously doubt my culinary skills will be up to tackling the actual making of the challenging dish.  Okay, less typing and more reading!  Go out and buy your copy immediately if not sooner.  Best of luck to Zora and Tamara and bon appetit to the rest of youze guyz.


2 responses to “It (and they) has (and have) arrived!

  1. How exciting! I’m going to their book signing in Brooklyn tomorrow, where I will have your soon-to-be second copy autographed. Those wily girls are making us bring them food! I’m making a quiche. There Will Be Bacon and, lo, it shall be critically acclaimed.

    p.s. I keep typing wonderpress instead of wordpress and I think you know whose fault that is.

  2. Ladies, ladies, ladies! You are too kind! Baji, I am truly embarrassed by the utter spazziness of the way I wrote in your book. Hopefully that will make it more valuable some day.

    And that quiche was divoon.

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