Watch France Gall Walk Back and Forth (Plus: Zombies!)

France Gall, Parler Parler

What a terrible video. For a brief time I was convinced the song was a remake (parasong?) of Abba’s Honey Honey. It’s not. Right? No, it’s not. I think. In the ’90s, I loved Deee-lite, but every time I was walking along, merrily humming “Power of Love,” I would end up singing “Rescue Me” by Madonna. Later, I heard that Deee-lite had complained about the similarities between the two songs. I guess Madonna’s version is more like the unauthorized sequel, Power of Love and Zombies. (I like Madonna, by the way. Or at least, I like some of the many old hers, or most of the many old hers and a few of the recent hers, enough to compensate for any distaste for several present hers, in the same way that I like Martin Amis’s old books enough to look the other way now that he only wants to talk about pedophilia and Russians [also, I like Russians].)


2 responses to “Watch France Gall Walk Back and Forth (Plus: Zombies!)

  1. “horrible” doesn’t begin to describe it. the white pants certainly do seem to hearken back to the abba days. i must go listen to “magidore” to cleanse my ear palate.

    i never liked madonna’s old hers (axe LB how i used to ridicule her (her = madonna and also her = LB for listening to her), or at least her original her, but the in between hers were alright until the recent fake-english-accent-freakish-musculature-adopting-fiend hers emerged.

  2. Silly me. I thought there would be some kind of plot development? Those pants will haunt my dreams.

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