Monday Afternoon Comedy Jam: Hannibal Buress

Also: Hannibal on fire


2 responses to “Monday Afternoon Comedy Jam: Hannibal Buress

  1. he could have included a call-back joke with the bit about his name, the “i wanna choke that person” bit, by making some reference to applying pressure to their neck, cutting off the blood supply to the brain, and then eating their liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

    just sayin’.

    i did enjoy, and agree with, the pickle juice bit. for more pickle juice related humor, please scan to the 6 minute mark of ellen degeneres but don’t miss out on the opening bit which made me CHOKE when i heard it at the theater b/c the exact situation had just happened to me…

  2. I like how mellow he is. He has a very soothing brand of comedy. He just got hired to write for SNL, which is…uh, well, good for him because he’ll get a nice paycheck and hopefully it will lead to better things, but certainly a waste of his talents.

    And I like Ellen’s oh-so-threatening head turn. I have employed that method on many occasions. It does work.

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