Conversations With My Exterminator III

“I like you. You’re soft-spoken. Do you ever go out with your friends and get loud? I don’t like loud women.”
“I don’t like loud people.”
“No, I just don’t like loud women. I don’t care if the men are loud. I don’t like women who swear. Do you swear?”
“Really? Like a lot? Like a sailor?”

“You didn’t get a pedicure?”
“No, I don’t get pedicures. Do you?”
“No, pedicures are for ladies. I get manicures. I have to keep on top of my game. That’s okay you don’t get pedicures, I like you, you’re natural.”

Conversations With My Exterminator I
Conversations With My Exterminator II


3 responses to “Conversations With My Exterminator III

  1. is that why they call them manicures?

  2. he’s nothing if not persistent. is this a new entry based on the prior conversation (in which case, did you record him without his knowing it?! you government spook!) or has he come out to your place again (in which case, what the frak is going on with the bed bugs at your place?!).

  3. this is from two visits ago. i jotted down some notes after he left. at the last visit he informed me that he was going to ask me out every single time he saw me.

    the exterminator comes to the building every month, not necessarily for bedbugs, just to spray for anything that might be thinking of invading (roaches, mice, thetans…).

    and yes, upyernoz, you are correct. manicures are for men and pedicures are for pedicab drivers. fact.

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