De Anima

According to reason and my friend A, I am not allowed to buy silver oxfords. However.


My soul says I must have them. Reason says no. My soul says they are shiny and oxfordy. Reason says that I will look like the Tin Man. My soul says so what? The Tin Man may have lacked a heart, but he did not lack for brains or courage. My soul just realized how apt a metaphor that is (for my heart is also filled with sawdust) and is running off to Steve Madden.

Wait up, soul!

(Just kidding. I may have Tin Man taste, but I’m not going to spend a hundred bucks to indulge it. That would be silly.)


3 responses to “De Anima

  1. tell your soul to shut it! if you MUST get silver shoes, at least get a pair that are functional as well as shiny.

  2. Had Tin Man a brain, Tin Man would use reason (to not purchase the shoes).

  3. but are they COMFY!? (interro-walktastic!)

    PS: o mein gott, baji, the link in your comment is craaaaazy. i’ll take those yellow ones, please.

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