Rant would commence here regarding how selfish [radio edit] can be and how illogical [radio edit] is being.  How distant [radio edit] has become and how frustrating [radio edit] can be.  How rude and idiotic and lazy and frankly quite dangerous some members of [radio edit]’s whole family are.  Especially that one member.  He earned that nickname [radio edit] for a reason and it seems to be a family trait.  I feel very fractious these days and it’s not just because this is the last year of my triennial decade.  In fact, my age never bothered me – I’ve always been content with whatever age I was at the time.  I don’t know whether it’s the weather, the people, or me; it’s something wicked and this way it’s coming.

But then I think of my good and great friends and family, my luck and freedom, my wealth and good looks and it makes me happy and reminds me of how amazing life can be:


2 responses to “Cantanker

  1. Marvelicious. Is that Louis CK?

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