What Did We All Think?

Snuckles the kitten joins the cast of <i>Dollhouse</i> this season as "Tango," a doll once banished to the attic who makes an unexpected return...

Snuckles the kitten joins the cast of Dollhouse this season as "Tango," a doll once banished to the attic who makes an unexpected return...

In consideration of those Hulu watchers (named Ishirō) of Dollhouse, I am putting this behind the jump.

Ah, that’s better. Now we can say rude things about Ishirō and he’ll never know it. Well, not until tomorrow in any case.

At first I was totally icked (technical term) by the premiere episode of Dollhouse, primarily during all the scenes that featured Echo. Every time I watch an episode, I think of another actress who would have done a better job than Eliza Dushku with this role (Summer Glau, Felicia Day, Amy Acker, Dichen Lachman, who would surely have the role if not for beinggaspAsian, probably Jane Lynch, definitely Victor Garber, and the list goes on). But the hangar scene sucked me in. Whiskey, Boyd, and Topher were delightful, as always. A favorite line: “My entire existence was constructed by a sociopath in a sweatervest.”

So, Bajis little and big, mister and mrs., what did you think?


5 responses to “What Did We All Think?

  1. I thought we lost Tango in Paris.

  2. Now we are definitely going to say rude things about you.

  3. snuckles/tango is terrifyingly adorable. would make a great addition to the gojira household wreaking havoc on downtown new york and/or bedbugs.


    hated echo’s role since she KNEW what was going on, but loved seeing the ever growing BSG cast show up (jaime bamber for now, takoma park – his maryland name – from season one) AND buffy/angel alum wesley windham pryce. also, love victor and sierra and topher and whiskey. more later – cake eaters have arrived.

  4. we have to give eliza SOME credit – she’s working HARD to bring in new (male) viewers – have you seen how many sexy photoshoots she’s been in the last, i don’t know, 6 months or so?

    i can’t decide if i love or hate dewitt’s new haircut – it’s a bit too severe, even for her.

    also, jamie bamber’s (real) accent was so funny! he sounds like SUCH a snob.

  5. it was very disorienting hearing jamie with a brit accent and alexis without.

    speaking of haircuts, did you tell gojira about yours?

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