Steampunk Bibliogenealogy ™

Gojira, I think we need to pool our resources together and purchase one of these:











It weighs four thousand pounds and writes six hundred books in a year.  We need to dismantle it, employ some reverse engineering, and reconfigure it to create a coal-fired pneumatic Bibliogenealogy Generator 2000.  If we can’t do it, perhaps we can seek the assistance of Hieronymus Isambard von Slatt.  What say ye?

Hat Tip: Wondermark


11 responses to “Steampunk Bibliogenealogy ™

  1. I would like that keyboard please.

  2. Your title is: The Psychosonics Unbound

    In a working-class neighborhood of London, a young football fan stumbles across a valuable collection of 1960’s rock’n’roll albums which spurs him into a road trip through semi-urban America, with the company of an autistic girl and an out-of-work bouncer, culminating in a revelation that all you need is love (love is all you need), and plenty of fertilizer.


    Your title is: “The Reveopolis”

    In a neo-noir Japan, a young idealistic revolutionary stumbles across an arcane prophecy which spurs him into conflict with a charismatic politician on the rise, with the help of a female who inexplicably becomes attracted to the damaged protagonist for unstated reasons and her cleavage, culminating in convoluted nonsense that squanders the readers’ goodwill.

    my favorite part is “culminating in convoluted nonsense that squanders the readers’ goodwill.” i need to find a way to work that into a conversation some day.

  4. Your title is: “The Psychonauts”

    In a dragon-filled set from Road Warrior, a young wisecracking mercenary stumbles across a talking fish which spurs him into conflict with a government conspiracy, with the help of a shape-shifting female assassin and her condescending tone, culminating in a heroic sacrifice that no one will ever remember.

  5. replace “talking fish” with ishiro’s “rock’n’ roll albums” and i’d buy that book.

  6. holy bajesus, that keyboard is AWESOME!
    i just read the entire post and ogled all the pictures.

    my favorite line:

    I put the entire keyboard on a copier and made an image that I then used as a template for punching holes in the felt with a sharpened piece of steel tubing.

    did you guys hear that!? he photocopied the keyboard!

  7. I read a few posts, and have to admit I have no idea what is going on. At all.

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