Love is a Mix Tape

I recently received my copy of Love Is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time by Rob Sheffield which I had loaned to a friend of mine from work who subsequently quit his job, moved to North Carolina to get a Ph.D. in journalism/mass communication, and, two years later, finally read and returned the book.  I was flipping through it and remembered how much I enjoyed reading it the first time.  I won’t give away any plot points but the gist of it is a memoir of falling in love as told through and by mix tapes.  Yes, magnetically encoded ribbons of tape with songs painstakingly chosen and recorded by pushing the “play” and “record” buttons on a (most probably) large and unwieldy tape player at the same time (aside: mom has a tape of me as a wee lass reciting the alphabet and if you listen carefully, you can catch a snippet of my inquisitive nature at work with the query, “why you pressing two?”).

Almost all of my old tapes have been tossed out because I now have that music on CD or in MP3 formats.  I don’t even have a device with which to play these tapes anymore ever since I sold my Toyota Cressida (ah, I still miss you, Cressie).  Still, there are some mix tapes that I have kept for sentimagical reasons even if I don’t have the means to listen to them anymore.  One such keepsake was one of the first, if not THE first, mix tape TP ever made for me.  It really is a melange of songs ranging from punk to 1960s Latin folk, from Brit pop to rockabilly music.  Titled “Bored with the Bar,” the play list goes a little something like this:

Is it any wonder I fell for the guy?

We celebrated(ish) a milestone anniversary last week(ish) and I can’t help but wonder what a mix tape from him would look like today.  We have little to no opportunity to explore and encounter new music these days.  On the rare occasion we do, it gets put on the back burner in favor of one of the children’s tunes from They Might Be Giants (luckily, we dig them too) when we are out and about (trust me, it’s a question of survival, not variety).  I would ask TP to make me a mix tape, but he’s is illiterate when it comes to MP3s and uploading and downloading and ripping shipping and burning shurning.  I would end up making the mix myself and where’s the fun in that?  So, all you non-TPs out there, I implore you, what would you feature on your “best of” mix tape?  Please send your suggestions to the comment box below and/or ship to me directly.  Bonus: if you get the mix to me before my birthday, you could win fabulous prizes, cash money, or nothing at all!  Hurry!  Offer, like everything else in this world, ends quickly.


8 responses to “Love is a Mix Tape

  1. I was 28 (and you were 24) when I made that tape. Crazy. So, Gojira must have been 9-years old or something.

  2. *Gasp*

    A comment from TP!

    I was merely a twinkle in my parents’ eye. A very large, walking, talking twinkle.

  3. Of course I had to go and ruin the story for myself via Wikipedia (just did the very same thing with Sophie’s Choice yesterday, why, Gojira, why?). But I still want to read this. As Zaboo would say, “Goodreadsed.”

  4. tp – indeed.

    gj – “a comment from TP!” – yeah, only because i held him at forkpoint and told him to do so. even then, all he does is out me as a geezer. *sigh*

    also, hee hee @ zaboo! represent!

  5. Here’s one of your B’day Prezzies. This weekend Friday, Saturday AND Sunday, Babu and Nani will take the kids to Sligo Creek for a sleep over! You can MP3 to your hearts content 🙂

  6. haha, thanks for the offer but we’ll just stick to saturday night. your visit here alone is the only b’day prezzie i need from you. 🙂

  7. too many things to commentS on! for now:

    1. niiiiicely done on the ‘SENTIMAGICAL’ usage. highfive!

    2. ‘Bored with the Bar’ – lowve the title

    3. the only artists on that list whom i’ve heard of are Fugazi and Tom Waits. gah.

    4. ‘held at forkpoint’ – haha! must start including this phrase in my everyday conversations…possibly even work conversations. staff meetings?

  8. 1. cred goes to ye!
    2. that’s how he spent his time instead of studying.
    3. it’s b/c ye are a wee babe.
    4. cred goes to me!

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