With Many Cheerful Facts About the Square of the Hypotenuse

Lately I’ve been too busy reading to read (an occupational hazard), and I’m beginning to feel a bit of a craving for the thrill of the start of a new book (Atul Gawande should be coming in the mail; boy, will his arms be tired). But at least I have gathered quite a bit of information vegetable, animal, and pornographical on such subjects as black carbon (bad!), vibrators (good!), and pharmaceuticals (depends!).

Forking Fantastic! Put the Party Back in Dinner PartyIn the category of Books That Have Not Been Published Yet But That You Should Read Anyway (take that, Italo Calvino!) is my friend Zora O’Neill’s forthcoming cookbook, Forking Fantastic! Put the Party Back in Dinner Party (co-written with Tamara Reynolds and out October 6). Zora and I are both in EA (Egyptians Anonymous), a group for people who are still recovering from having spent any length of time in Egypt while female. By all rights, Baji and Lil Baji should be in this group, but we accidentally had too much fun when they were there, and then they left and I stayed and somehow neglected to change my gender (an unfortunate oversight).

So that’s a long-winded way of being even more irrelevant than usual. Let’s see what Anthony Bourdain has to say about Forking Fantastic!:

“This eccentrically enjoyable book by two strange and wonderful women may well be the cookbook America needs right now. Fun, deliberately unintimidating and filled with interesting—even ingenious—recipes, it inspires the non-professional to raise their game—and have a good time while doing so. Both book and authors are clearly good for the world.”

Oh, hello there, Jamie Oliver. Yes, you may speak:

“I love these girls and their tasty, delicious, no-nonsense cooking.”

Jamie Oliver even turned up at Zora’s house, or Tamara’s house (they both live in Queens so it’s all the same to me—zing! Zora, that’s me getting you back for anti–French food commentary), to film a segment of his upcoming TV show.

I’ve been the beneficiary of Zora’s cooking skill on numerous occasions and I’ve been making her lemon bars since 1998, people. They’re amazing. How many of you can produce puerco pibil from a DVD extra of Once Upon a Time in Mexico? (Baji, you may substitute pollo for puerco in this question.) Well, actually, her point is that all of you can, so get to it.

But even if you don’t, can’t, and won’t cook, you can still read, can’t you? (If not, here’s a book for you.) Unlike most cookbooks, this is one you can pick up and just read for the fun of it (you can get a taste of Zora’s style at her excellent blog, Roving Gastronome). She’s also got a great podcast, which you can download for free at iTunes, called Cooking in Real Time.

Forking Fantastic! Put the Party Back in Dinner Party! Preorder now!

And lest you think this was a bait and switch, here are some cheerful facts about the squhappyhypoare of the hypotenuse:

-Looks at problems from all angles
-Likes feta cheese, olives, and Nescafe
-Is longer than those other two sides of a right triangle


18 responses to “With Many Cheerful Facts About the Square of the Hypotenuse

  1. The square of the hypotenuse isn’t “longer” than anything. It’s square.

    Another cheery little fact: the hypotenuse should be the base of the triangle (that’s what the word means). Ref: http://tinyurl.com/cheerfulhype

  2. I knew you’d have something to say…
    It’s bigger than the squares of the other two sides, okay?! Jeez.

  3. bonehead, you should have suggested this book when i was looking for something to add to my TMBG cd/deeweedee!

    i like how ishiro did not debate the feta cheese, olives, and nescafe (really?) point.

  4. Hahaha, Baji, seriously!

    And it’s dunderhead, not bonehead, mkay?

  5. your head is both boney and laden with dunder. 😉

  6. Are you saying I’m a drunk?

  7. naw, i’m saying you are full of sweet sweet sugar! have you ever had sugar cane juice? delish!

  8. damnation! that’s what i get for buying a pirated copy of ‘once upon a time in mexico’ from pakistan – i never knew there were those awesome dvd extras! thx for the heads up and the linkage.

    also, i can only assume that we will have to schedule a clandestine meetup to exchange ‘stitches’ for ‘itches’ (or which ever of the adul books you ordered). that, or media mail.

  9. Nothing wrong with saying the square of the hypotenuse likes feta cheese, olives, and nescafe that I can see, whether severally or as part of a nutritious breakfast. It is a cheerful fact.

    While said square may be bigger than the squares of the other two sides, it is mainly equal to them, taken not severally, but as part of a delicious breakfast.

    “Jeez,” from someone who knows the meanings of words, and can distinguish one from the other by their markings and orthography? I think not.

  10. according to merriam-webster, Jeez is a perfectly cromulent word.

  11. Mmmm, Nescafe! Does that make me a hypotenuse?

    And thanks for the loving kind words! I am glad the RR pork situation made such an impression!

  12. Zora, you’re a hypotenuse by marriage.

  13. Curiously, I came across the roving gastronome blog a couple of years ago while googling a sushi restaruant called “Raw.” I didn’t know the connection.
    And I love Tamara Reynolds. That Moth podcast about an STI is still on my iPod.
    So I suppose that mean I either have to buy a lottery ticket to try my hand at coincidences, or pre-order this book.
    You know, because I cook so frequently. And so well…

  14. man, your ears must be burning! i was just chatting with a friend of mine about how i haven’t heard from you in a while and POP here you are.

    and, yeah, the older i’m getting, the smaller this world is becoming. i would suggest a book trade (my copy of the book for something or the other from you) but it didn’t work out so well the last time what with the wedding going on, the purchasing of houses, and the complete forgetting to give me my DVDs and CDs and books back! plus, zora and tamara would lose out on some nice cold hard cash. and we wouldn’t want to do that to them. 🙂

  15. i went ahead and pre-ordered the book but now my question is: how can i get them to SIGN it for me? maybe some day

  16. Baji, we’ll work it out. We’re having an event at Word, a bookstore in Brooklyn, on Oct. 11. Maybe your doppelganger can bring your copy? (You exist in the ether-beyond-New-York to me…but maybe I’m wrong?)

  17. un-pre-order it. i will buy two and ask zora to sign yours and will send it to you. while you wait, you can buy zora’s husband’s book, which i have a signed copy of that he did not sign for me (it was “pre-signed” at Barnes & Noble). it’s a great read.

  18. sweet! i’ll leave the pre-order standing and can give it as a gift to someone some day (and read it until my REAL copy comes). aye, i’m the ‘nation’s’ part of the ‘nation’s apple’ theme of this blog. 🙂

    as for the other book, i remember you telling me about that book but didn’t know that it was zora’s hubby who wrote it! off to amazon …

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