Vitriol v. Schmaltz

We here at Bajira have a slogan that we live (and will die) by:  “We are the best and everyone else is the worst.”  It’s not so much ego and bombast that drive us to rally under that banner; it’s just the truth.  We enjoy our snark.  We revel in our jeering and sneering.  We take pride in being Snidey McJudgerton, especially when it comes to grammar, tastes in music, and choices in film and television (although, truth be told, nobody beats His Royal Highness, King Critic “pretty much everything and everyone is the worst” TP).  We can be prickly, picky, and easily peeved.  And we like it that way; we love it!

Then, something like this or this or this comes along and we stumble, we trip, and we fall into a warm tangle of mush and love and squishiness.  Please don’t hold it against us.


4 responses to “Vitriol v. Schmaltz

  1. [W]e have to reserve the term “hardcore kitsch” to the use of stimuli which trigger direct biological reactions.
    (Alexandre Borovik,

    I know blogs are traditionally daily affairs, but you don’t have to post every day. Some of us have lives or at least are prepared to entertain the possibility of developing one, should we find ourselves at loose ends.

  2. Is our daily posting cutting into the time you’d usually spend doing my homework and declaring war on various countries?

    If we were Fafblog, you wouldn’t be complaining. Oh, but we were Fafblog all along!

  3. yeahyeahyeah you guys are so tough.

    “chester holds my hand” is too cute.

    also, more pandas please.

  4. Snidey McJudgerton–hee.

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