No, Baji, I Will Not Be Your Netflix Friend

Back when A was staying in my apartment, I was so kind as to give her my Netflix password. Months later, after she’d gone back to whatever hole she’d crawled out of (kidding! but I mean it was Philadelphia), I received the following snide email message based on the contents of my Netflix queue:

Somebody likes the Gilmore Girls…

Life has never been the same.

The sanctity of my Netflix queue had been breached. Never again would I know safety and security. No longer would I watch ten episodes back to back of Big Brother: Season 11 unfettered by fear of derision and judgment. I felt like Gene Hackman at the end of The Conversation. So no, Baji, I will not be your Netflix friend. Same goes for you, H. Some traumas cut deep, and this is one of them.


6 responses to “No, Baji, I Will Not Be Your Netflix Friend

  1. jerkstore! do you really think my derision and judgment can be curtailed by a mere ‘no friends’ policy!? interro-ha!

    actually, i knew that about you b/c i had asked to be your netflix friend a few years ago and you denied my request then. i think it was based more on your heavy porn rotation than any ‘gilmore girls’ selection. bad girl.

  2. also, lest you think i’m such a stalker that i’d keep requesting to see your list over and over, i just noticed yesterday that i had ‘no friends’ which was weird b/c i used to have kg on my list. i thought maybe there was a glitch so i tried to refriend him and thought i’d throw you in the mix too. alas, my status remains friendless. *weep*

  3. If Netflix had porn, it would have driven Blockbuster out of business years ago. And I wouldn’t be on the one-DVD-at-a-time plan.

    I think Mister Little Baj doesn’t like you anymore…

  4. ha!

    i thought “nobody likes you” was only attributable to you but now that we’ve joined forces, it appears that the slogan is apt for me too.

  5. I know what you watched last summer.

  6. “Ishirō ,” you get points for creepiness.

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