Baji, Consider Yourself Amended



5 responses to “Baji, Consider Yourself Amended

  1. i agreeee with oscar wilde! so much!
    in fact, for years, that’s exactly why i had a personal rule that i’d buy ONLY those books i had already read before and liked.

  2. Yasmine, you found us! Welcome.

  3. thank you for letting me come play with you! am catching up on posts right now =)

  4. I TOLD you that a smart person will find your blog 🙂

  5. hahaha, she had a little help via the olde blogg. 😉 but that doesn’t make her any less smart – especially since she either (a) is a master stalker and just kept checking the comments over and over or (b) was clever enough to click the ‘notify me of new comments’ button and got the notice that way.

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