My Bibliogenealogy ™



4 responses to “My Bibliogenealogy ™

  1. oh my. this is too good. TOO good. TOO great and grand and gorgeous and delicious.

    show off.

  2. haha… i stayed up way too late doing that. but it’s your fault; you told me to list my top 15 and i kept thinking only of crappy books so i abandoned the list and did this instead.

    i just realized that if i count myself (ridic), i did list 15. totally unintentional.

    i’ve also inadvertently made a strong case for gay marriage.

  3. btw, please trademark “bibliogenealogy” for me. i owns it.

  4. what on earth could those crappy book have been, i wonder … therefore, new project for another day: 15 crappy book.

    consider it yours. *hands over certificate of registration*

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