Our avatar would love the opportunity to date your avatar

There.  It’s out in the open now.  Bajira has a total girl crush on Felicia Day.  The sweet geekiness, the clever writing, the vocals on Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and in the commentary, AND making appearances on Buffy and Dollhouse.  Never mind the grammatical errors in her blog such as putting the period inside the parentheses, capitalizing some proper nouns (Cheetos) but not others (Cheerios), or saying “a kid you not.” She is adorable.


5 responses to “Our avatar would love the opportunity to date your avatar

  1. Gah! Now I’m going to have to go watch this another ten times.

    Also, why in the world would the Internets think that an article in Time magazine about Obama and Hannah Montana could possibly be related to this post?

    Reeeegardless, thanks for bumping my blog post, jerkstore.


  2. i am not liking this related posts thing. obama and hannah montana sound like part of some limerick gone wrong.

    dude, i was drafting this before you came up with your brill idear. (tp loves it when brits pronounce “r”s where the don’t belong, like in ‘idear.’) ye can still post yer post! may i suggest you load it up with as much medical jargon that you have come to embrace through all your obsessive medical-themed readings.

  3. Lady, scroll down! Scroll down!

  4. do’h! just saw it a moment ago and commented!

  5. i found it. your inability to let the video go without watching it reminds me of cartman’s inability to leave the song ‘come sail away’ unfinished:


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