Free preview of season two of Dollhouse to download (after about a week, I think you have to pay).


11 responses to “Dollhouse

  1. ZOMG! And that photo is kind of porny. Reminds me a wee bit of this one:

  2. bastages! don’t bother downloading the clip – waste of time and memory. am going to mindwipe itunes of it right now and instead enjoy this free download from amazon of a foot-tappin’ good tune:

  3. What’s wrong with the clip?

  4. only about a minute and doesn’t even show any of the new cast members. it’s just an exchange between echo and whiskey. lame.

  5. This post is very popular among our readers!

  6. apparently! we should accommodate them with more of the same.

  7. You need to recategorize this post as Joss, Cantankerous

  8. so this blog is basically so you two can document your communications to each other, huh? STOP BEING SUCH GOOD FRIENDS DAMN IT!

  9. and our communications with you, now that we’ve sucked you in. who is alexander skarsgaard and can he possibly compete with peter skarsgaard?

  10. yeah, lb, you pretty much nailed it. i tried to show it to tp last night and he was all ‘show me the funny stuff’ and i was all ‘uh … well, this is more of an inside joke. and … hmm, this is just us being silly. oh … no, just go to bed.’

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