Coke Shoke

That title has nothing to do with anything, other than that I am enjoying a coke shoke at present, having just returned home in a parched state.

Today in French pop, I give you the French Elvis, Johnny Hallyday. As a kid I had this on what’s called a 45 tours (aka 45 rpm), one of those small records that necessitate the use of a round plastic yellow thingy in order to fit the record on the turntable (yes, in fact I am eighty-five years old, thank you very much). Sidenote (talk amongst yourselves): Baji, do you realize Zap and Baz won’t have a clue what a record, a cassette tape, or even a CD is! /endofsidenote

The song is called “Ma Guitare,” which, duh, means “My Guitar.” But for some reason I always thought he was singing “Magidor,” which has no meaning and also makes me wonder if I was illiterate until an advanced age given that the song title was clearly spelled out on the album cover. No matter, I still love this song.

(By the way, you can tell that the version on YouTube is from the record. It wouldn’t have been complete without the tell-tale crackling/fizzing at the end.)


2 responses to “Coke Shoke

  1. catchy and energetic tune! sounds like something that would make a good soundtrack to some tarantino sequence. i think i prefer ‘magidor’ and will henceforth refer to it as that.

    at age 1.5, zp was already familiar with and requesting ‘dee bee dees!’ some of his hand-me-down books feature stuff like rotary phones and tape cassette recorders. he asks what they are and i name them and he just accepts it just as easily as ‘dinosaurs’ and ‘monsters’ which are equally imaginary.

  2. Good call on the Tarantino-ishness. Also, he should totally put him in one of his movies. He’s got a Tarantino face.

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