I know you are not wild about cupcakes unless they are from your beloved Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery but I also know that you are a fan of free stuff.  Therefore, I thought you would appreciate the fact that upon presenting this video to the owners of Hello Cupcake and blatantly asking for a free cupcake in return, they graciously acquiesced.

Me: I couldn’t stand in line for the length of time required but surely this would garner me a free cupcake?  🙂

Them: this is cool – thanks!  Of course you can get a freebie.  What’s your name?



2 responses to “Freecakes

  1. I left you two comments on this post but, drunk on my power as Administrator of this blog, I rejected both of them as spam.

    The first one said that it’s actually quite a compelling video, considering it’s a video of a line. The second one told you to contact me immediately for a unique opportunity to make $3K in 2 days!! No strings! Find out how YOU could be making thousands of dollars with just a click of the mouse! Except dollars was spelled dolars and mouse was spelled moose.

    And I am very aware that you have been terrorizing shop owners, Gojira-style, with your demand for free goodies for quite some time. (Exhibit A: your free birthday coffee last year.) So I am not at all surprised by your shamelessness.

  2. that, my dear, is the power of suggestion (wrapped in a jedi mind trick with a pinch of big eyes).

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