A Song or Two for Baji

I’ve always loved this song, but lately I’ve rekindled my obsession with it. Mon Amour, Mon Ami by Marie Laforet:

Also, this really is a pretty song from France’s Next Top Poetic First Lady with such lovely lyrics:


3 responses to “A Song or Two for Baji

  1. The first song sounded so familiar (and not just because the opening strains sounded like it just as well could be a desi tune) and then I remembered that I heard it in the movie 8 femmes:

    have ye seen it?

    also, this is a test of the emergency commenting system. this is only a test. if the comment actually appears in your email, please report to the nearest bomb shelter and hunker down.

  2. I am hunkered down in the bunker. How did you swing this? Please explain. Also, why are there “related posts” being generated? I don’t need no stinkin’ related posts.

    My mother and I make it a point to hate all French movies that come to the States (except for Amélie, of course). I didn’t see 8 Femmes. Is it a musical? Because if it is, then I might want to see it. The absolute worst French movie ever is Va Savoir. The bile, the bile!

  3. i logged out of the ‘bajira’ name and then just posted under ‘baji’. i don’t see any ‘related posts,’ stinkin’ or otherwise.

    i saw 8 femmes at an independent theater so maybe those are better than the big budget releases? aye, a murder mystery musical! i think you’ll enjoy it actually. netflix!

    i think LB saw ‘va savoir’ and warned me against it, complete with red flags and flares.

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